Improving the Bokeh Server "Deployment scenario" section of the user guide


I recently went through the process of productionizing some Bokeh server dashboards and integrating them into an existing web app. Setting up a secure integration proved to be a rather unpleasant experience for me, and I’d like to make things easier for anyone else going through the same process in the future. There’s a note on the “Deployment scenarios” page expressing interest in contributions, so if that’s still valid, I’d be happy to submit a PR.

My tentative plan is to add a few paragraphs explaining the intended usage of bokeh.embed’s server_document and server_session methods - since the lack of discussion around that was by far the biggest issue I personally ran into - but I’m open to shoring up any other pain points related to the deployment docs while I’m at it, if anyone has suggestions.

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Hi @wswope-etio Sorry for the delay, I have been traveling. We’d love to have your contribution! It will be be easier to collaborate on GitHub so I’d suggest just opening a draft PR as soon as you are ready.

No worries! I’ve been chipping away on this in the background - PR inbound shortly.

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