Integrating plain text with variable content without triggering layout calculations

My goal is to have a layout which shows some plain text that is updated later on with some other text. Typically this can be achieved using the Div widget however there is a major downside: every update of the Div text triggers a full recalculation of the layout, even if width/height are fixed. Additionally the layout is recalculated individually if multiple Div widgets are updated at the same time. This becomes a huge issues with larger layouts. In my case updating a Div text triggers layout calculations that take 2-3 seconds to complete (which is no longer interactive).

I am wondering if there is another option to integrate plain text and/or Divs without the computational layout overhead?


I had issues with layouts updating – unexpectedly in my case – that were similarly a result of Divs triggering the behavior.

My solution was to create a custom-widget that isolated the re-layout functionality, which served the purposes for my interactive analysis and visualization of scientific data and display of supporting info.

See the following bokeh discourse topic with my workaround as the entry in case it might suit your needs.

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