Interact inside Google Colab

I would like to run this example into Google Colab Jupyter notebook
Basic Interactor Demo
But interact seems not working (the plot is never updated) ? (with Firefox or Chrome)
How to run bohek into Colab environment ?
By advance thank you

push_notebook does not function in Colab because Google actively blocks usage of notebook comms. Supposedly they are working to change this but we have no control over their schedule, so I can’t speculate when it might become available, if ever. See this issue for full details:

Thanks for the answer … it will save my time :slight_smile:

@odadoun no problem, I hope that Google makes the necessary updates and that there is some good news to report soon. BTW I think you also asked this on SO and possibly other forums? As a courtesy, please self-answer (with a link back here) or delete those cross-posted questions so that they are not just left dangling without an answer!

Ok done ! thank you

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Great, thank you!