Interactive selection for a list on a scatter plot

Okay, I suppose this is an easy issue for many ppl, but after some hrs/days of trying to get this thing running (without success), I just hope that the community has got some mercy with foolish ppl like :wink:

Following issue: I’m working with a Jupyter notebook. I’ve got a long Excel list and wanna display it in a scatter plot according to two numeric values in column ‘A’ and ‘B’. It works rather satisfying, here the code:

p = figure(title = “堆砂”,y_axis_type=“log”)
p.xaxis.axis_label = ‘竣工年月’
p.yaxis.axis_label = ‘平成27年まで詰めた堆砂容量_%m4’

#dropdown = Dropdown(label=“Rivers”, button_type=“warning”, menu=menu)

source = Heisei‘竣工年月’, ‘平成27年まで詰めた堆砂容量_Percent’,source=source,
fill_color={“field”:“色”, “transform”:exp_cmap},fill_alpha=0.5, size=10, legend=‘水系名’)

p.legend.location = (0,-500)

Set up hover tool

p.add_tools(HoverTool(tooltips=[(‘管理者名’, ‘@{管理者名}’),
(‘ダム名’, ‘@{ダム名}’),
(‘水系名’, ‘@{水系名}’)])), notebook_handle=True)


However, I wanna make this interactive according to a column C. If it would contain animal names, it would look like this: elephant-elephant-horse-cat-elephant-giraffe-elephant-and so on for ages. I would love to have a dropwdown menu, to select e.g. “Elephant” and by this display all elephant-entries (and hide or mute the rest). Recall, the list is massively long and so is the number of selectable items, so no manual solution. If somebody could show/recommend me a working example, you would so massively save my life time (and I lost too much of it already to that issue).

I already tried with orientating on this (, but found it somehow confusing and failed times.

P.S.: Also, I noticed, then when you delete a theme for this question and delete and then want to add it again, it doesn’t show. So I’ve no clue, whether this question is tagged correctly with e.g. “dropdown” or “selection”