Interactive water supply optimisation application

To help communicate my work’s (Aither) approach to the economic analysis and optimisation of water supply projects we developed a bokeh web app. The application is linked to an economic simulation model and genetic algorithm that is run each time the inputs are modified. See a link here:

The purpose of the app is more as a showcase as opposed to a functional cloud based tool.

The bokeh app makes extensive use of embedding bokeh elements in a custom template using bootstrap, which was a great feature brought in that enabled this entire app so a big thank you to all the devs!

Some of the key challenges included:

  • Keeping track of an arbitary number of embedded objects and compatibility with bootstrap
  • Updating numerous textual elements and standard bootstrap styled html tables via bokeh

@anthonydouc This is great, thanks for sharing! If you have ideas around making some of those challenges earlier, please feel free to start a GH discussion!