Internet Explorer compatibility issues

Internet Explorer versions 9 and 11 are default browsers used in our company and they don’t work with Bokeh Plots.

After opening the Bokeh Server home page ( documents sections are not visible.

IE 9 is showing the following error:

Float64Array is not supported. Using generic Array instead.

SCRIPT5009: ‘WebSocket’ is undefined

IE 11 is not showing plots in its default document mode. The default document mode is set this way:

  • for Bokeh Server home page: 7

  • for plots embedded in Sharepoint: 8

After opening Developer Tools in IE11 and changing document mode to 10, all works fine.

I have two questions:

  1. Can you fix the WebSocket is undefined problem in IE 9?

  2. Can you change the Document Mode for Bokeh Server by including a special meta tag or HTTP header to the page (here is the detailed info: