Invalid Authentication Open sar Lab

I am using an environment in Jupyter hub with open sar lab and when I run the code to show the GPS stations with the image I get an invalid authentication error 401, can someone help me?

@Daniel_Calderon There’s no possible way to speculate with so little information. What is “open sar lab”? What authentication, exactly? [1] For that matter, what is the connection with Bokeh? In order for this to be the right venue for you to get help, you’d need to have an issue with pure Bokeh code. I.e. if “open sar lab” is another project that uses Bokeh then this seems like a question for their tracker or forum.

  1. Bokeh does not handle any sort of auth, really. Bokeh provides auth hooks for server apps, that users or higher level tools can implement. And Bokeh can pass on API keys for some maps services provided as-is, but that’s about it. ↩︎

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