Is it possible to run bokeh server app from Spyder?

Hello folks,

I read in the user guide that to use the bokeh server I have to save a file as .py then open the command prompt to run it and finally enter a url like localhost:50…

I wanted to ask if this is mandatory or if there is any possibility that I can execute the code from Spyder or Pycharm, without saving + command prompt.

Thanks for your time.

Hi, the question is a bit unclear. If you are asking whether Bokeh server app code can be run without executing bokeh serve in a separate process then see the Embedding Bokeh server as a library section of the docs.

If you are asking if Spyder can automatically execute bokeh serve on you app modules from its GUI, the answer is I don’t know (that’s not really a Bokeh question).

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I think it was the first case so thanks for the link to how to embeed Bokeh server as a library.


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