Is it possible to save Tabs and combine Tabs which already be made before?

Hi strong all,
The goal is to combine different Tabs which created on different times.
For example,
I create A Tabs at first time first figure.
Then, I create B Tabs at other time other figure. Etc…
I have one Tabs wanted to use(combine)[ATabs, BTabs, CTabs,…] and output new figure.

For instance.

I have tried to save Tabs by [pickle]. But it failed. Since it is a function? So it can’t be save.
The error message it blow.
_pickle.PicklingError: Can’t pickle <function ColumnDataSource. at 0x10aff11e0>: attribute lookup ColumnDataSource. on bokeh.models.sources failed

Does there have any possible to achieve this?


There is not any easy way to accomplish this. First of all, due to cross-runtime Python<–>JavaScript requirements, Bokeh requires special custom serialization, and Bokeh objects cannot be pickled (at all, there is no hope for this to ever work, so put it out of mind).

I won’t say this is impossible in general, but I don’t know how to advise you offhand, and any solution would require very obscure (and probably private APIs).

A better approach would be to store your plot data only, and create a function that re-create the Bokeh Tabs and other objects from that data.