Is there is a way to plot lines connecting to plots similarly to matplotlib ConnectionPatch?

I am working on keypoints matching and trying to reproduce the visualization I did with matplotlib.
Is there a way to draw a line between two keypoints from two different plots similar to ConnectionPatch?

What I did so far with Bokeh is to plot both images in the same plot and draw all the connections there, but this does not allow me to zoom in targetting the same region for both images.

Attached the plot I draw with matplotlib

Currently there is no official support for this. Each plot is separate from all other. However, we are pretty close to actually supporting this, so possibly in bokeh 3.2 or more realistically in bokeh 3.3 it should be possible to connect multiple plots like that.

This capability has been on mind for nearly 10 years :slight_smile: But there’s never been a concrete demand, and always other priorities. I don’t actually think there is an issue for this, can you make a GitHub Issue with the details of your motivating use-case?

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