Issue with circles disappearing near the edge of the plots when zooming/panning


I’m having an issue when panning/zooming in a figure with circles when the X-axis is reversed (x_range=[1,0]) using Bokeh v2.2.3.
When panning/zooming, the circles dissapear when their boundaries touch the X-axis edge. When x is increasing (x_range=[0,1]), this does not happen.
I’ve deactivated the level of details downsampling option by precaution by it doesn’t seem related.
Any idea how to solve this ?

Here is a minimal working example:

from bokeh.plotting import *
import numpy as np

p = figure(plot_width=400, plot_height=400, x_range=[1,0],y_range=[0,1]),1,num=500), y=np.random.random(500), radius=.03,alpha=0.1, radius_dimension='x', radius_units='data')
p.lod_threshold = None

@Fabio_A I can see this in 2.2.3 but not in latest branch-2.3 so I believe this is a bug that has been fixed (but is not in a release yet).

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Thanks a lot for the quick feedback