Issue with holoviews/bokeh, got stuck debugging

Hi, I’m using holoviews as an extension to Bokeh to make sankey plot and run into an error coming from Bokeh min.js, which I managed to tail down to an error being thrown from a BitSet class defined in bitset.ts. There my debugging ends from the Bokeh side as I do not see how to bridge the gap from that object to the holoviews sankey object. In holoviews I tried debugging the sankeys object, but I so far cannot find any strange things happening.

How should I proceed? Any pointers for further investigation? Would it make sense to file an issue in bokeh github?


You are probably using incompatible versions of Bokeh and Holoviews. That’s a questsion for the Holoviews team, but Holoviews is a separate project maintained by a different people, so questions about it should be directed at the HoloViz Discourse:

Hi Bryan, thanks for your fast reply. I ran the holoviews in an isolated environment, so would hope that would install the right version. But will check with the holoviews team. Thanks for the link to their discourse

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