JS Callbacks within a bokeh Div widget element or some other suggestion


I am not exactly sure how to best tackle the following:

I have a page that contains a plot of time series data along with vertical lines (Span 's) that indicate the locations of interesting features in this time series data. There could be any number of spans on the plot. I also have a html table on the produced webpage which has a description of all the features. So if there are 5 spans in the plot, there are 5 rows in the table. What I would like to do is to provide callbacks for each of the features that would manipulate the plot in some way to help guide the end user why this feature is interesting: highlighting regions of the plots with opaque boxes, adding arrows, etc. So I would like to add 5 buttons in the div element so that the user can individually select which feature they’d like to see more information on.

I’ve also considered using a custom HoverTool on the spans, but does the Hover tool work with spans?

I see I can add callbacks to the Span itself via methods inherited from bokeh.model.Model, but not sure how I can easily invoke them w/o a widget. Is it possible to invoke the callbacks from basic html w/i the div element (which is a div widget).

Any ideas/suggestions welcome.