JS files not loading in server

I have a bokeh server app that I am trying to access thru a cross-site connection. On loading the page from the new URL, the original HTML document comes through but all .js requests fail.

This error occurred after upgrading from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1

From the CLI I’m calling .../miniconda3/envs/dart5.0/bin/python -m bokeh serve --log-level=debug --show bokehController.py --allow-websocket-origin=fslehlogin08.eh.pweh.com:5006

Looks like the JS requests are getting routed to localhost instead of the new origin. I’m just using Bokeh python and not BokehJS, is there a way for me to specify those request addresses?

BokehJS is what does all of the actual work in the browser. Most of Bokeh is actually really in BokehJS, and BokehJS always present. They Python side of Bokeh can’t actually do anything on its own.

I would suggest setting the environment variable BOKEH_RESOURCES=cdn which will load BokehJS from cdn.bokeh.org instead of your running Bokeh server. The CDN is configured for cross-orgin use.

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