JupyterLab does not execute inline JavaScript in HTML output

Hi, I am on a 64bit machine running windows server 2016.
Anaconda is installed w. ipython 7.4.0, bokeh 1.0.4 and python 3.7.3.

When i try to make a simple plot like this:

import bokeh.plotting as bp
from bokeh.resources import INLINE
from bokeh.io import output_notebook, reset_output
output_notebook(resources = INLINE, verbose=False, hide_banner=False)
f = bp.figure()

I just get:
“JupyterLab does not execute inline JavaScript in HTML output” and the plot is not being shown.
What is wrong here?

You (and anyone you send the notebook to who also uses JupyterLab) must first install a separate JupyterLab Bokeh extension as described here:


This is due to JupyterLab’s more restrictive polices, and is not anything we have control over or can change.