Keyboard shortcut (+/-) to zoom in-out in a map?

I’m trying to achieve the basic “zoom in-out on +/- key press” functionality in a Bokeh tile based map as it is the default behavior the users would expect from a map, but couldn’t find any info on it other than a dead forum thread from 2017 no matter how hard I tried.

Could somebody link me to the related documentation or show an example snippet?

Thanks a lot!

There is no docs or examples because this has never been implemented. I don’t really recall any asks for this over the years nor can I find any open (or closed) issues about it. So it does not seem to be high demand request from the larger community. Please feel free to open a GitHub Issue to suggest it as a new feature, however.

Wow, that’s interesting. Every time I load my project for the first time that day, I automatically try to use the - key to zoom out to get a better overview, the same way as I always do with google maps etc. I assumed this would be the most popular way of handling the zoom as it requires the least mental effort (no guesstimating the intensity of the mouse activity needed for the desired zoom, no need to target a small zoom in/out button etc), so this is a funny way of learning that I’m just a weirdo… :smiley:

But thanks for looking this up for me, I’m seriously impressed by the support work you’re doing here.

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