layout.children issues

Please run the code layout

The code works well but I would like that when switching between options 1 and 2 the layout would return to div (or blank layout) but I can not make it work even though it looks simple.

I’ve tried add the line layout.children[2] = div but the bokeh serve stop.

def update_radio(new):

if new == 0:
control = row(ticker_1a, ticker_1b)
layout.children[1]= row(control)

    **layout.children[2] = div**


control = row(ticker_2a , ticker_2b )
layout.children[1]= row(control)

    **layout.children[2] = div**

This is my main question. In addition I would like to adding bokeh tools (“wheel_zoom, pan, save, box_zoom, reset” ) to all plots (the tools only appear for a single plot).

Thanks for any help.

Rafael Pais

plataform: win-32

conda version 4.2.9

bokeh 0.12.2