Legend with latex or imageurl

Is it possible to add latex (or imageurl) in legend (for line)?

I want this :

Hi there! Latex is not (yet) available on legends, unfortunately. With the current 2.4.2 release of Bokeh, you can use LaTeX on axis labels, tick labels, and div/paragraph widgets. Until LaTeX is available on legends as well, you could use a div widget (outside of your plot) to annotate your plot, or a legend label. More details in the user guide (Styling visual attributes — Bokeh 2.4.2 Documentation) and the gallery (latex_normal_distribution.py — Bokeh 2.4.2 Documentation)!

Future versions of Bokeh will have LaTeX support for more elements (such as titles and slider widgets), and we always appreciate contributions adding LaTeX to more elements!


I dig into source code of pr. I’m a noob in JS. So don’t hope any contribution :smiling_face_with_tear:

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