Linking geospatial glyphs to additional plots

Hello all,
I am a relatively new user of Bokeh, and I am looking for some advice regarding geospatial data visualization.

I have so far designed several Bokeh layouts displaying time series data, and my typical workflow for this kind of layout is to import data from a flat file, process and tabulate the data using Pandas, and generate the layout which I then share with my colleagues as an html document. I’m extremely happy with the results, as my colleagues are, and I would like to move towards creating interactive applications hosted on a Bokeh server. In particular, I want to create an application linking a plot or map of geospatial data to associated time series plots.

For example, I would like to display locations as points on a map, and for each location, ‘Loc-N’, I would like for the user to be able to click on the glyph for Loc-N and update the layout with associated time series plots for some variables associated with Loc-N.

Is there an existing method that would allow this kind of linkage between glyphs? If so, could this be accomplished using my current workflow of importing data from flat files, or would it be better accomplished utilizing GeoJSONs containing both the spatial data and associated time series data?

I am not looking for an answer to copy and paste, but I would greatly appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction to solve this problem. Thank you in advance for any advice.