Local java script import


I would like to call some java script modules (that I installed locally) inside callbacks or in the main.js. I am succeed to do it locally but once deployed in openshift (container) the js modules are not detected by the server inside the static folder.
My folder structure is like that:
|---- static-----module1.js (imported as script in index.html using src="localhost:5006/static/module1.js)
|---- templates----main.js, index.html, styles.css

locally it is working but once in openshift the module1.js is not detected in the index.html file (I changed the source link to adapt to url of bokeh server deployed in url)

@Matthbt There is not enough information here to speculate. For starters, what is the actual error? A 404 in the browser? Something else? Can you access the JS file by manually navigating a browser to an explicit URL?

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