LookupError: No installed app with label 'bokeh.server.django'

I am trying to use Bokeh and Django starting from the website here but I get an error saying No installed app with label ‘bokeh.server.django’. How can I install bokeh.server.django as a django application?

Speaking plainly, the small corner of code under bokeh.server.django is more or less unmaintained at present. It’s possible it should just be removed. In any case your best bet to make use of it is to stick with Bokeh older versions (probably 1.4 or 2.0.2) that are definitely known to function with that module.

Edit: FWIW I do have ideas about generalizing the experimental bokeh.server.django work, to liberate the Bokeh protocol from Tornado in general. But it’s a matter of time and resources, and I couldn’t speculate about when/if that might come to pass.

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