Making Text glyph size absolute in data coordinates via 'text_font_size'

Hi there, I’m trying to plot a network graph with text labels on all the nodes. It would be helpful if the Text glyphs were sized the same way as the node glyphs (Ellipse) in that the size stays constant in data space. So zooming in and out would make the text larger/smaller in screen space. Hopefully I’m using the correct terminology. Looking at css font-size units, I’ve tried pt, px, em and ex and all lead to text remaining the same size (on the screen) when zooming.

Is there any way to achieve this?


I am afraid this is still an open issue:

Scalable Text · Issue #9407 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub

Given that Bokeh normally renders to canvas, there are unfortunately many considerations that will have to be dealt with manually. Some users have apparently reported that "vh" units work for this to some degree, but this has not been conclusively determined, so YMMV.

Ah that’s unfortunate. Thanks for the tip anyway.