Making the extra y-axis invisible


I am trying yo make the extra y-axis invisible in the bokeh example provided in the documentation. Tried adding the line in bold for the example below but the extra y axis remains. How may i make it invisible?

from numpy import pi, arange, sin, linspace

from bokeh.plotting import output_file, figure, show

from bokeh.models import LinearAxis, Range1d

x = arange(-2pi, 2pi, 0.1)

y = sin(x)

y2 = linspace(0, 100, len(y))


p = figure(x_range=(-6.5, 6.5), y_range=(-1.1, 1.1)), y, color=“red”)

p.extra_y_ranges = {“foo”: Range1d(start=0, end=100)}

p.extra_y_ranges.visible = None #added this line, y2, color=“blue”, y_range_name=“foo”)

p.add_layout(LinearAxis(y_range_name=“foo”), ‘left’)


Thank you :slight_smile: