Map of Europe with Bokeh and GeoPandas

Hello, again!

TL;DR I did this using Bokeh and GeoPandas

I am helping EuCAPT (The European Consortium for Astroparticle Theory) with some random tasks. One of the tasks was to visualize the community while protecting the personal data. In the end we settled on making a map (of Europe) and indicating from which physics institutes members come from. I, of course, also suggested to go with Bokeh because Bokeh is so cool.
We finally went live today: just scroll a bit down on their home page to check the map.

I used GeoPandas to create the map and then some “ok to go public census data” (so there is no info on individual members other than the institute/city where they come from).

I also made a modified version with some other dataset over plotted on the map as you can see on my website - basically a map of Europe with the list of capitals and other info downloaded from this Wikipedia page.

The source code and data (the modified one) can be found on my GH Repo.

Feel free to share.

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Hope you like it! :sunglasses:

P.S. Now I am super tempted to check how to color the patches (countries) with a colormap that corresponds to population density. Anyone have any idea how to?

P.P.S. excuse the typos