I’ve been tasked with upgrading Bokeh from 0.12.14 to 1.2.0. I’ve been seeing this error

[bokeh] Failed to repull session Error: undefined property type for MeasureTool.select_every_mousemove

But I’m not seeing where this would be caused. From the code, it seems like it’s ok for the examples and references I’ve seen for 1.2.0, but I’m sure I’m missing something as I’m fairly new to working with Bokeh. Was wondering if there might be someone that knows between 0.12.1 and 1.2.0 that might have changed that I’m missing which is set differently.

MeasureTool is not something that is part of Bokeh. Presumably it is a user-defined custom extension of some sort, so in order to diagnose or help we would need to know more about what it is and where it comes from, and really, be able to inspect the source code for it. Bokeh 0.12.1 is quite old. Since then all of BokehJS was ported from CoffeeScript to TypeScript, and the entire layout system was replaced, among other things. There have been alot of changes since then, especially with respect to custom extensions. I would not expect any custom extension written for 0.12.1 to work on 1.2.0 without updating. But without details all I can do is point you at the current docs for Extending Bokeh.