Model Already Used in Doc

I’m getting this error constantly in the newest release

RuntimeError: Models must be owned by only a single document, ColumnDataSource(id='4445', ...) is already in a doc

How can I clear all models to overwrite the plot/glyphs with a new instance in a Jupyter Notebook?

@Greg_Black This usually indicates a usage issue of some sort, but it’s not impossible that some bug was introduced. In order to determine if it is the latter, or to get you the most appropriate advice if it is the former, what is really needed is a minimal notebook that reproduces what you are seeing.

@Bryan Thanks for the info. I believe it may be an issue with the software I’m using, Dataiku. It seems changing the name of the CDS fixes the issue. Overall, I’ve been very happy with developing applications within Dataiku but I understand it adds a layer of complexity when debugging. I’ll raise it with Dataiku and let you know.

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