Mouse PressUp event strange behavior

If you hold down the mouse button - activated Press event, and then move the mouse and release the button - PressUp event does not work. This is by design, or some kind of mistake? But if PressUp event called after the movement of the mouse - we would have a simple implementation of Drag & Drop

@Andromeda it’s impossible to say much without code to investigate and actually see first-hand what is happening. Please provide a minimal, complete reproducer as well as relevant version information.

Otherwise, all I can do is note that Bokeh relies on HammerJS under the covers to handle UI events and point you towards it:

link to pastebin - Mouse PressUp event strange behavior
Press mouse button, move mouse, then release button - PressUp event dont working

I mean this as respectfully as possible, but I was asking for more effort on your part than just copy/pasting the large complicated example from the repo. I.e. a minimal example. There are hundreds of thousands of users and only a handful of maintainers/consistent answers. The only way this works if if users put in some effort to ask good, detailed, focused questions.

All that said I just realized what the issue here is. The “press up” event is a touch gesture, only relevant on touch displays. It has nothing to do with mouse events.

If you want to implement drag operations with a mouse then the relevant events are PanStart, Pan, and PanEnd

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