Necro-Bumping 2016 post?

Looking to add a guide to my graph, I found this post plotting 45 degree line in bokeh. I didn’t Necro-Bump this old post to re-raise the same question, but instead asked the question again: Adding 45 degree guideline

The solution was exactly what I needed, and seems like it was what the OP was looking for in 2016:

"The ideal would be to pass a function like ‘y = x’ or ‘y = x**2’ "

I was thinking to add a link to the 2016 post to help direct others to this solution, but, of course, that will Necro-Bump the post.

Seems to me the former case of Necro-Bumping is Bad, but the latter case is OK.

What’s the rule here?


There’s no official guidance here, though I personally agree that new questions are preferable if old answers are no longer relevant. And although I wouldn’t suggest making a active project of just looking for random old things to update, it seems reasonable to update an old topic if it is:

  • out of date / has bad information, and
  • likely to be found in a search