Need help on the Text (bokeh,models) based on Sarah's 2015 pycon talk

First of all thanks creating the awsome Bokeh library and this forum.
It has been such a journey trying this out … I tried d3js and chickened out… but using python and bokeh has completely different experience…I have tried some examples and they did work for me

Now coming to the problem, I am new to linking two plots together. I am trying to understand Sarah’s 2015 Pycon plot

I tried this running locally on my jupyter and it is not working (may be things changed in the library)

I am getting error in section In [29]

Make the text box and have it accept a source

The question is how do l link the text plot in this case in newer version of bokeh

My application is fairly simple

  1. Basically putting few circles on the plot and adding tap tool

  2. Adding Text box and linking the same source as in 1)

So the idea is when the user clicks the circle then text box will display some text.