No Checkbox Displaying

I have a site that has been idle a while and when revisiting today I note that the checkboxes are all missing - the checkbox labels are there but the actual checkboxes themselves are missing.

I have no idea if my following attempt at uploading a screen shot will work - if not…

Instead of |_| female I get female

if that makes any sense.

Anyone seen this? Could it be a version thing - it doesn’t look like there is any deprecation in play. I have checked on Brave and Chrome (really both Chrome I suppose).

Inspector shows ths…

Okay so that paste worked but might be a bit squidgy…

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 8.28.31 pm

IN case a code snippet helps…

        sourceType = RadioButtonGroup(labels=['Share Price','TSR'], active=0)
        ASXsector = self.make_sectordd('ASX', '^XEJ')
        ASXsector.on_change('value', update)

        SGXsector = self.make_sectordd('SGX', 'FTSE ST All-Share')
        SGXsector.on_change('value', update)

        SEHKsector = self.make_sectordd('SEHK', '^HSI')
        SEHKsector.on_change('value', update)
        NSEIsector = self.make_sectordd('NSEI', '^M3IN')
        NSEIsector.on_change('value', update)
        sectors = dict(ASX=ASXsector, SGX=SGXsector, SEHK=SEHKsector, NSEI=NSEIsector)

        marketDD = self.make_marketDD()
        marketDD.on_change('value', update)

        sectortext = Paragraph(text="Select industry sector. May take a few seconds to load.")

        ceodd = self.make_ceodd(self.ceodata[self.ceodata.MKTIndex == '^XEJ'])
        ceodd.on_change('value', selceo)

        longest = int(max(self.ceodata.LongevityY) + 1)
        longevity = RangeSlider(title="Longevity", value=(0, longest), start=0, end=longest)
        longevity.on_change('value_throttled', update)

        genderCB = CheckboxGroup(
            labels=["Female","Male"], active=[0,1])
        genderCB.on_change('active', update)

        intextCB = CheckboxGroup(
            labels=["Internal","External","Unknown"], active=[0,1,2])
        intextCB.on_change('active', update)
        isCurrent = CheckboxGroup(
            labels=['Non-Current','Current'], active=[0,1])
        startYear = Slider(title="Start Year", value=2001, start=1990, end=2019)
        startYear.on_change('value_throttled', update)
        dropExtremes = Toggle(label="Drop Extremes")
        print('Perfdf:' + str(len(self.perfdf[self.perfdf.MKTIndex == '^XEJ'])))
        sectorfig, sectorsource = self.make_fig(self.perfdf[self.perfdf.MKTIndex == '^XEJ'], 'Energy', 'ASX')    
        trendfig = self.make_trendFig(self.perfdf[self.perfdf.MKTIndex == '^XEJ'], 'Energy')
        ceofig = self.make_ceoFig('','ASX')
#         # Panels
        tab1 = Panel(child=Div(text=self.instructions, width=600), title="Instructions")
        tab2 = Panel(child=trendfig, title="Sector Trend")
        tab3 = Panel(child=sectorfig, title="CEO Plots")
        tab4 = Panel(child=ceofig, title="Individual CEO")
        tabs = Tabs(tabs=[tab1, tab2, tab3, tab4], height_policy="max",sizing_mode="scale_width")
#         # Main layout
        lhs = column(marketDD,
                     row(genderCB, intextCB, width=self.LHS_WIDTH),
                     row(isCurrent,dropExtremes, width=self.LHS_WIDTH),

        layout =  row(Spacer(width=15),lhs,Spacer(width=15),tabs, width_policy="max", \

        return layout

Not really, in order to investigate, we need to run something, which means a complete Minimal Reproducible Example.

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