No pagination in DataTable?

I have rather big data that I need to be displayed in the Table (>200k lines) and showing it without pagination causes browser to hangs. However I cannot seem to see any option for pagination.
Unless I’m really missing something there is none. Is there any best practices or thoughts about how I can add pagination to the table?

The current DataTable does not support pagination, and I don’t really have any specific workarounds to offer, either. I can only suggest opening a GitHub Issue regarding modernizing the DataTable with the caveat that this is probably not a short-term proposal.

Well… I can think of server-side pagination, like, rendering buttons manually and saving DataFrame and index position. It will work but I would prefer client-side pagination.
I might try CustomJS thing but I’m not sure my knowledge of Bokeh structure would be enough for it

DataTable pagination support would be ideal, but in the meantime, could you use Div to insert some other Javascript table that does support pagination?

That is an interesting solution. What would be the way to include that external table library if we are generating an HTML from Bokeh. Could you please provide a minimal example for this solution, it would be a great help. Thanks!

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