No release notes for 3.3.x?

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The website does not seem to have any release notes for 3.3.1 to 3.3.4. I found them on GitHub but it would be appreciated if they were directly accessible on the website. The current situation makes one think those releases do not exist (given that the release notes for 3.4.0 and a lot of older release notes are present).

PS: I tried all versions of the documentation which seemed to me like they could contain those notes (3.3, 3.4, latest and dev)

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This forum is for user support, please submit a GitHub Issue for work that needs to be tracked (otherwise it will mostly likely just get lost).

Damn! As a developer I am more used to report issues on Github but I was unsure whether this was intentional, hence the post here. Sorry for the noise then (especially since the issue was already reported on GitHub).

These will be added back when the upcoming 3.4.1 release is published.

Backports for 3.4.1 by mattpap · Pull Request #13816 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub

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This is fixed

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