Open a specific browser using bokeh serve

I would like to try some possible fixes for problems that arise only in specific browsers.
My default browser is Firefox. Is there a way to open other browsers like Chrome by using something like bokeh serve --show app_dir --browser='google-chrome' ?

@Matthias See

Hm, when I set BOKEH_BROWSER, bokeh serve does not open a connection. It stops at “Starting Bokeh server with process id” and nothing happens, regardless whether ‘firefox’, ‘chrome’ or ‘none’ is used.
When removing the environment variable it opens a new tab in Firefox as always.

@Matthias I am not sure. When I do

BOKEH_BROWSER=firefox bokeh serve --show gapminder

It definitely opens up in Firefox. Though when I do

BOKEH_BROWSER=chrome bokeh serve --show gapminder 

it still opens up in Safari (my default). I guess I should say, literally all we do is pass the user-supplied value on to the Python standard library function webbrowser.get() so if it is not working, it’s almost certainly a local system configuration issue that is out of our control.

Ok, thank you.
For now changing the default browser settings manually via the OS-GUI is good enough until I coded a script for this.
Seems to be quite cumbersome for the system I’m using :confused: