OPenDAP data visualisation with Bokeh

Some time ago I developed a Bokeh server app for visualising scientific data, and I’ve continuously updated the app as Bokeh has evolved. There’s a demo video of the latest version here:

The app is available from PyPI (pip install bokodapviewer) and the code is here:

When I started using Bokeh I had an idea of creating custom classes with multiple different types of plot, widget, etc (which is the ‘bokcolmaps’ package above). Initially I had no idea if this would be possible in Bokeh, but with the great support from the community I managed to get it working just as planned!

Thanks as ever to the dev team for keeping Bokeh as good as it is!


Hi @Marcus_Donnelly,

Very impressive! And the video walkthrough is great. Is it alright with you if we tweet about it? If that’s okay, is there a twitter handle we should tag?

Thanks for sharing!

Hi @carolyn,

Thanks, glad you like it! Absolutely fine for you to tweet about it. If you could tag it with @SEA_Limited (my employer) and @HycomTweets that’d be great.

Very happy to share, keep up the great work! :smile:

@Marcus_Donnelly This is really great! Just FYI, clicking above results in

Video unavailable

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Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner.

which might be your intention! But just noting in case it is not. :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing that out @Bryan, I didn’t intend to do that so have just enabled embedding and it should work now!