Our beloved devel builds are again on track!

Hey @all,

A new devel build is available on Binstar again!!

As we said some weeks ago, we started making several improvements in our devel build machinery, and right now we have all the pieces in place to support a fully automatic package building of our devel builds and docs.

You will notice several differences compared with previous devel builds:

  1. the packages are smaller than the previous ones, about 1/10 size of the latest devel build. We achieved this reduction cleaning and removing somewhat “duplicated” (or not useful) stuff.

  2. the version number is different: now it is a build_id-based version number, which let us, potentially, build packages for any single commit to master (although we just decided to build it in some specific points for now).

  3. you also have the corresponding BokehJS available by CDN:



where xxxxxxxx is the version of the devel build. This is important from multiple points of view, ie. suppose you want to use a new feature with an embedded plot where you point the resources to the CDN. Previously, you got the released version of BokehJS, so you could not use this new feature, but now we are pointing you to the correct BokehJS version (in sync with your devel build) and you can actually try that feature.

  1. you also have the docs corresponding to the latest devel build available at:


please, note the /dev/ at end of the url which points you to the devel docs (you will see the build id at the top nav bar of the landing page).

Well, a lot of things, we know, let’s use the new devel build (ID: 0.7.2.dev.50133231) as an example for the generic point described above:

As we said before, the builds are available on Binstar:


As usual, if you want to try it, you can follow the installation instructions here:


But now you also have the js and css files available at CDN:



And the docs for this build are available at (remember that we /dev/ will only contains the docs corresponding to the latest devel build, in this case 0.7.2.dev.50133231):


Just some final words:

Since this machinery involved a lot of changes, there could be some small bugs related with the process. Hence, it would be great to hear any bug, request, feedback from you using all these new resources!

Also, if you find something interesting recently merged on master and you want to try it without all the developer installation stuff, you can ping us in the mailing list and we can trigger a new devel build for everyone to try (probably if it is interesting for you, it is interesting for others too). Then, you go for a coffee and when you come back, it is ready on Binstar to give it a try :wink:

That’s all for now, have a good week!