Packing multiple legends under single label?


I have two circle glyphs, each at the end and the beginning of a segment. These 3 components are actually representing 1 entity in my plot. Is it possible to group them under 1 single legend item?

Please see the image:

The bit inside the red rectangle should be treated as one single entity. (Please note that the red rectangle is not part of the plot but just a visual indicator.)

I used a legend_group but that seems to be a different thing, I’m getting each of those components as a separate legend item.
Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 17.01.17

It would be nice to just have “Ask” in the legend map, not 3 different ‘ask’ items.

You can always manually construct a Legend that contains just the legend items you want, there are examples of this in the User’s Guide. Otherwise there is not enough information here to speculate about why you are getting that specific legend presentation above, or to provide any more concrete recommendations. Please (always) provide a complete Minimal Reproducible Example.

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