Plot from Bokeh Server with individual HTTP link for each test iteration

Hi, I am new to Bokeh hence such basic questions.

I have a script from which I collect data and plot it using bokeh server and it shows the plot in a new tab/window in my browser. The link that opens up looks something like:

Also this plot can be seen as documents on my bokeh server,

I have couple of questions here:

  1. The link that i pasted earlier, it is not user friendly, is there a way I can plot it to a more generic http link like: “http://bokeh-server/document_name”…Everytime I run my test I generate a new document hence i am not over writing the old link

  2. Also in the link “http://bokeh-server” I see a list of documents with the name I specify in my test and they are all plotted in the middle of the screen plot as shown in my attachment. Is there a way I can show the list of documents to the left most part of the screen and also when I expand the document a part of the plot is clipped at the right end. Is there a way to not do that.