Plot Line on Already Plotted Graph

Does anyone know if it is possible to add a line to a graph that has already been plotted?
In other words, after plotting, add another data series without regenerating the entire graph.

We have two bokeh products working for the last 2-3 years, but we have never come across if this is possible.


Hi @magicapples you need to describe the particulars of your situation in more details. I can imagine about a dozen different scenarios that fit the general description above, and the answer is not the same in all cases. [1]

  1. is this a bokeh server app? standalone HTML content? in a notebook? embedded in a webapp? Do you literally mean update things that you published years ago? ↩︎

We have a software interface that allows a user to select any columns of data and plot them on the X and Y axis.
Once plotted, the user can zoom, hover, all that stuff.
These data sources can be 0.2 to 2 million rows of data, so they are not trivial to plot. Especially when looking at 6 to 10 data sources.
It can take 30 seconds to generate a new plot.
5 seconds if we have it in cache.
But if a user wants to add one more series to the chart, they have to generate a new chart.

Basically, what we would like to do is add a new series to a chart that is already plotted, without having to replot the entire canvas.

On the back end, we would concatenate the new data and when it is done, draw that new column on the chart.

@magicapples I really need more, specific information about how you are using Bokeh APIs and features:

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