Plot linking between different embeds

Hi, plot linking between multiple plots is a really neat feature in bokeh and quite straight forward.
However in my usecase i have multiple plots where each plot is embedded on the html site individually.
This mean that i do Bokeh.embed.embed_item(bokehplot, "plotlabel"); one time for each plot.
Is it somehow possible to link 2 or more plots across different embeds like this somehow? Possibly using some callback stored in window object?

Nobody has any idea about this ? :frowning:

I cannot help but we might have a related issue, see here: Serving a bokeh application within django: How to freely place individual components?

Seems like you could achieve what you want if you where able to freely place components from a single server document? Our workaround for the time being is to provide our whole dashboard via bokeh serve in directory format.

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In order to be linked by Bokeh, all the objects have to be in the same Document. You can use the components function to embed multiple items from a single document in a Jinja template. There’s almost certainly some way to do things starting from BokehJS APIs but that usage scenario is definitely much newer and less well-developed (or not at all).