Ploting a 3D Mesh in a Bokeh Server App

Hi, i got a basic app in jupyter notebook consisting on:

  • A 2D interactive plot where you can move points
  • A 3D plot where the points are shown as a 3D plot
  • You can switch between both plots using a radioButton

The problem is that the points that are plotted in the 2D plot are part of a 3D Mesh (a model of a human jaw) and the 3D plot plots a 3D Graph (Instead of a mesh like the one in the image below). I used the example from the bokeh documentation Wrapping a javascript library example.

I want to wrap something similar to a plotly mesh, like this one:

Do you know any code which can be wrapped like the Surface3D from the example? or a way of embedding the plotly mesh3D into a plot?, any suggestion is more than welcomed :blush:

I have just done this for django. may be it can help you
code is here

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Looks nice, can it work with meshes of about 200.000 vertexes?

I mean, the idea is to plot .obj, .stl… meshes.

Also a way of making the code by myself would work :smiley:

You might also have a look at Panel, which can create dashboards combining various different plotting tools, including Bokeh:


Looks great!!, is it posible to create a bokeh server and at the same time use panel to display a plotly plot?

Panel uses the Bokeh server internally, and they wrap it with their own launcher, e.g.

panel serve

and then the panel app could contain Bokeh or MPL or plotly or altair. But Panel is a separate project maintained by a different team of people. Questions about it are best directed at the HoloViz Discourse:

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