Plotting multiple channels in one graph

I am currently trying to generate a plot of a multidimensional array (12 channels) of EEG data.
I’d like to visualize the data ordered by number of channel, like in the first picture.
I’ve tried to get something like this, but if I try to plot all the channels in the same graph, they all have the same scale and the order is lost. The closer I got is using the column layout function, but still I’d like to have that same distribution in the same chart.
Is it possible?

Thank you in advance!

We’re working on adding better support for precisely this case! I can’t promise when that would be ready, but you can reach out to me via user jbednar at github and we can keep you posted on our progress.

To elaborate on what Jim said, Bokeh received a two year grant to fund work on this and related topics:

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