Plugins on this site

This topic documents the Discourse plugins on this site, provides links to their repositories on GitHub, and gives a small example of usage to help with using them. Any suggestions for other plugins that can be installed can discussed in replies


* [ ] foo
* [x] bar
* [ ] baz
  • foo
  • bar
  • baz

Math Text

Supports inline math text: $\sin(\omega t)$ or block text:
E = mc^2

Supports inline math text: \sin(\omega t) or block text:

E = mc^2


Some thought that needs a reference[^1]
[^1]: Here's the reference. 

Some thought that needs a reference[1]

UML Diagrams

[yuml type=activity]


The following plugins are only of interest to site admins:

  1. Here’s the reference. ↩︎

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