Possible to disable auto axis alignment in a layout?

I have read Layout APIs don’t have to be terrible - lessons from Bokeh and agree with auto alignment of axes in a column layout by default.

However I have a use case where I would like to disable the feature. It is a map rendered in a figure object above a standard figure with line glyph. The map is getting resized as the standard figure below the map changes its axes width. A screenshot is below that shows the left border of the map moves with respect to the Button objects to the left. The left border of the map is moving so that it is aligned with the axes below. Is there a way to keep the left border (all borders) of the map in a fixed position regardless of what else is happening to other objects.

I think you would need to use a custom template to embed the components individually instead of placing them inside one Bokeh layout container. cc @mateusz

Thanks, I see.
Are you aware of any example of a custom template to control layout?

There are lots of examples in the examples directory of the repo:

bokeh/examples at branch-2.4 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub

The most relevant functions you would want to grep for are either components or json_item which are also described in the User’s Guide:

Embedding Bokeh content — Bokeh 2.3.2 Documentation