Prevent datarange1d update on columndatasource changes

I try to prevent datarange1d update on columndatasource changes.
This is the case for instance with pan tool.
So is there a way in customjs function to emit the change without range update ?
At the moment i use a setTimeout to restore the range but that is very inelegant.

I don’t want to use Range1d because most of the time bokeh mechanics is doing the good job
thanks !

The express purpose of DataRange1d is to automatically update the range extents to match the current data. If that’s not what you want, then you don’t want to use DataRange1d. I don’t understand what the comment about pan tools or is referring to. A video screen grab or screen shots might help clarify things. Of course, as always a complete Minimal Reproducible Example would be the very best thing to focus the discussion and prevent ambiguity.

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