Problems with DatePicker in Bokeh 3

Whenever I use DatePicker in Bokeh 3, the entire layout of my dashboard seems to be broken (all widgets in a column with 100% width). All was well in the 2.x versions, though. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Here’s a minimal example:

import bokeh.plotting as bk
from bokeh.models.widgets import DatePicker, Select
from bokeh.layouts import row, column

p = bk.figure(width=600,
              title="Hello World!")
xs = [0,1,2,3,4,5]
ys = [x**2 for x in xs]

p.line(xs, ys, line_width=2)
s = Select(width=200)
dp = DatePicker(width=200)
b = column(s, dp, p)
#b = column(s, p) (b)

@ego42 This just seems like a bug/regression. Please open a GitHub Issue with these details.

Thanks, @Bryan, will do so.

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