Projections.wgs84_mercator.inverse is not a function, Getting Latitude and longitude in e-5 labels

I have a plot, plot is coming fine but the latitude and longitude label is not coming correct, Projection Error its showing , I try to do formatting using xformatter=’%.5f’ ,yformatter=’%.5f’ but still the result is same,
Kindly let me know how to solve this issue as my desire plot area is coming very small, lat long e power labels and zoom also not working.
Two things not coming:-
1- Not correct Latitude & Longitude labels
2- Map is not coming as background.

opts = dict(width=700, height=700,xformatter='%.5f' ,yformatter='%.5f', tools=['hover', 'save', 'wheel_zoom'], active_tools=['wheel_zoom'],
            hooks=[plot_limits, disable_logo], colorbar=True, color_levels=15,
            colorbar_opts=colorbar_opts, cmap=['#000080',

                                               # '#ff6800',

                                               ], clim=(0, 15), title="\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t Mean Wave Period (s) ",
            fontsize={'title': 18, 'xlabel': 15, 'ylabel': 15, 'ticks': 12})

finalplot = Column(tiles * rasterize(hmap1).options(**opts) .opts(xformatter='%.5f' ,yformatter='%.5f',hooks=[absolute_position],

Thank you,
I will b glad to know the solution of above two issue.

When i try to use the another tiles then i am able to get the another tiles but the data is overlapping at wrong latitude and longitude.

 import geoviews.tile_sources as gts
tiles=gts.EsriImagery.opts(width=600, height=570, global_extent=True) * gts.StamenLabels.options(level='annotation')
 finalplot = Column(tiles * rasterize(hmap1).options(**opts) .opts(hooks=[absolute_position],

you can see just up or x=-150,y=-70 , some plot that is not mapping correct at correct longitude and latitude ,
How to map the data on correct latitude longitude .

future 0.18.2 py37_1
gdal 2.3.3 py37hdf43c64_0
geopandas 0.6.1 py_0
geos 3.7.1 h33f27b4_0
geoviews 1.8.1 py_0
geoviews-core 1.8.1 py_0
get_terminal_size 1.0.0 h38e98db_0
gevent 20.6.2 py37he774522_0
glob2 0.7 py_0
gmpy2 2.0.8 py37h0964b28_3
greenlet 0.4.16 py37he774522_0
h5py 2.10.0 py37h5e291fa_0
hdf4 4.2.13 h712560f_2
hdf5 1.10.4 h7ebc959_0
heapdict 1.0.1 py_0
holoviews 1.13.3 py_0 pyviz
html5lib 1.1 py_0

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