Property 'input_el' does not exist on type 'IonRangeSliderView'

I encountered the following error when building the documentation locally:

I had the latest changes as of commit 81998986b6850b0c8c6610e7d7f27bab4ea08ae7. I did some investigation and this looks like it was related to the following changes:

I was able to fix the error by building and re-installing BokehJS with python and choosing the first option.

Thoughts on a new “Common Errors” section when building documentation? Maybe it’s not necessary but I’m posting here for visibility in case others encounter this. It looks like another user had a similar experience here.

I think a “Troubleshooting” section in the dev docs could be useful. I never know what to put in those, which is why there isn’t one currently. If you’d like to propose some ideas here that would be helpful to get started.

:+1: to “Troubleshooting” as the section title. We can list out some common errors users may encounter when building docs locally and suggestions to fix them. Commons errors meaning the user has all the requirements needed to build the docs but there’s something wrong with the syntax they’re using when updating the docs, Sphinx configurations are incorrect, etc.

As a first time contributor, I’ve listed some of the issues I encountered down below and how they would look in a “Troubleshooting” section. I could go through the Discourse forum and try to aggregate any other issues that may fall under common errors.

1.RuntimeError: Sphinx bokeh-plot exception:

The GOOGLE_API_KEY environment variable is not set. Set GOOGLE_API_KEY to a valid API key, or set bokeh_missing_google_api_key_ok=True in to build anyway (with broken GMaps)

Run GOOGLE_API_KEY=foo make clean html serve when building docs or set bokeh_missing_google_api_key_ok=True in

2.docstring of bokeh.models.annotations.Whisker:3:undefined label: _userguide_plotting_whiskers (if the link has no caption the label must precede a section header)

When including Sphinx labels inside docstrings, remove the leading prefix found in the reStructuredText doc.

.. _userguide_plotting_whiskers:


A |Whisker| will ...
class Whisker(Annotation):
    ''' Render a whisker along a dimension.

    See :ref:`userguide_plotting_whiskers` for information on plotting whiskers.


Final thoughts:

I noticed for suggestion #1 there was a pull request merged to hopefully avoid this but I think it’d be useful to call out this error and mention the second option of setting bokeh_missing_google_api_key_ok=True in

Maybe suggestion #2 should go under Source Code Documentation instead of under “Troubleshooting”. Either way, I think calling this out in our own docs is helpful since it’s mentioned in the Sphinx docs and first time contributors may not be familiar with the syntax:

Reference labels must start with an underscore. When referencing a label, the underscore must be omitted (see examples above).


I’m a bit loathe to suggest that contributors set bokeh_missing_google_api_key_ok because it would be very easy for that change to be committed and end up in a PR (and possibly even merged by accident). In any case it would be more effort/churn for the contributor to keep it out of changesets (or remove it if it was accidentally added). That option really exists for people using bokeh.sphinxext in other (non-Bokeh) projects.

For the second thing, I agree that a new sentence in the “Documentation” chapter of the Dev Guide including the link you give, would be reasonable.

No need for a “Troubleshooting” section :+1:

I’ll go ahead and add a new sentence to the docs with the following link:

The one I included was from version 1.7.

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