Python based Interactive Scientific Visualization

We are working towards incorporating multiple chemical engineering examples using Bokeh. In an effort to make science and engineering applied math more accessible via visualization. Also, incorporating them as part of curriculum where students interact with parameters and have an assignment or goal in mind.

We are getting started and can access our first example looking at sequential reactions here: .

Source code can be accessed here:


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Bokeh’s a great framework for scientific visualization. As an unaffiliated user, I think you made a good choice based on my experience in both embedded applications with visual interfaces to sensors and systems to desktop analysis software to analyzing data.

I checked out your example, and it is responsive to UI changes to the inputs, which is nice as a user. The only question I had is w.r.t. the active crosshair tool. I was intuitively expecting this to be tied to some action, but it does not appear to be currently.


Thank you for the feedback.

What you have noticed is right. We need to fix it. After fixing some issues, planning on adding a contour plot next. Plan is to have an exercise where students need to find different combinations of parameters to achieve max concentration of B at a certain time.

Hoping to post an update few months down the lane with more use cases.