Python gets x_range, y_range in the background at the same time

I want to provide the source data for the front-end again in Python background according to the changes of front-end x_Range and y_Range.
At present, only one p.x_range.on_change or p.y_range.on_change can call background data rendering

Sorry, your question isn’t very clear-- can you provide a minimal working example of what you have now, and describe the behavior you want to see?

Update model data from the serve when figure.x_range and ffigure.y_range changes

There are only separate properties, that can be individually watched. There is not currently any “combined” range event.

plot.x_range.on_change('start', callback)
plot.x_range.on_change('end', callback)
plot.y_range.on_change('start', callback)
plot.y_range.on_change('end', callback)

Depending on your needs you may need to implement some form of throttling if you want to prevent the callback work from happening on all four events.