Questions about Copilot + Open Source Software Hierarchy

Hi! My name is Chris and I’m writing a thesis on Open Source Software. I’m trying to collect/validate my data and I have two questions for the maintainers of this project.

  1. Did this project receive free github copilot access on June 2022?
  2. My thesis is especially focused on understanding hierarchical structures. Would it be possible to share a list of individuals in this project with triage/write/maintain/admin access in this project? I understand this may be confidential information, so please feel free to share it with [email protected]

Happy to chat further if you have questions, and thank you for your time!

Hi Chris, I don’t have any idea about the first question. For the second, the composition of the core team is publicly recorded here:

BEP 4: Project Roles · bokeh/bokeh Wiki · GitHub

The @bokeh/dev team, which can triage, etc. is larger than that but I am not going to share contact information from there, even privately, since I do not have anyone’s consent to do so.